Mentor of the Month: Sharon Carbone – January 2018

BBBSMMC   |   January 24, 2018

Each month, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth and Middlesex Counties chooses one Big and Little pairing that has exemplified the values of what the organization represents. This month, BBBSMMC is featuring a match that has been together for almost 10 years, Sharon Carbone and her Little Sister Brittney.

Little Sister Brittney was matched with her Big Sister Sharon 9 years ago when she was just 7 years old. Brittney is now 16 years old and they have grown as close as family. Sharon introduced Brittney to horseback riding, which quickly became Brittney’s favorite activity to do with Sharon. They also love baking and cooking together.

Brittney has told her case managers that she loves spending time with Sharon because she is always caring and helpful. When Brittney was asked what she would like to thank Sharon for she responded, “For being fun and understanding.” Sharon has gone above and beyond as not only a Big Sister, but also an advocate for Brittney and continues to express her hope for her Little to thrive in every aspect of life.

In a recent conversation with Sharon, she shared with us some of her own personal experiences with BBBSMMC and her Little Sister.

When did you first get involved with BBBSMMC?

My journey with Brittney started 9 years ago when she was 7. I have always volunteered, but BBBS met my goal of being a mentor to a child. The best part of being a “Big” is that you get to experience “firsts” with your little. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child’s eyes light up and knowing they have just experienced or learned something new and special.

What are some of your favorite memories with your Little?

We have lots of memories over the years. Sometimes they are the simple ones, like her first sled ride or roller skating. Now that she is almost 17, we still like to bake together. She has become a very good baker and her family and I “eat” the rewards.

Any advice to those who are interested in becoming Bigs?

Being a “Big” has its surprises. People would always tell me how wonderful it is that I do this. What they don’t know is that she has taught me so much, her great attitude and making the best of every situation is remarkable. Now that she is almost 17, I feel we will be good friends forever. Lucky me!!!



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