This is What Giving Looks Like

BBBSMMC   |   December 20, 2017

Imagine giving a gift that increases scholastic performance, lowers instances of risky behaviors, and increases self-esteem for young people in our community. This season, the most meaningful gift that can be given is a gift that has the power to truly shape a young person’s future. Making a match happen for a Big and a Little is a gift that has lifetime benefits and in 2017, we want to be able to provide that gift for 720 Littles.

In a survey taken by BBBSMMC Littles in 2017, an Outcomes Report was created that shows the positive benefits that come out of Big and Little relationships.


Key statistics from the 2017 Youth Outcomes Report:


Risk Attitudes

  • 96% of Littles were competent in avoiding risky behaviors like tobacco, drugs and alcohol use
  • 97% were competent in avoiding peer violence
  • 98% reported that they had not been arrested for a crime, offense, or violation

Self Esteem

  • 87% of Littles improved or stayed the same in their feelings of scholastic competency
  • 77% felt confident in their social acceptance
  • 95% maintained or had improvement in their relationship with their parent(s)


  • 90% of Littles maintained or improved their grades in school
  • 93% believe they will graduate high school
  • 91% believe they will go onto and graduate from college
  • 80% improved or stayed the same in their school attendance


The Littles aren’t the only ones who benefit, however. The impact of the forever friendship enriches the lives of Bigs as well.

“There’s always a rewarding feeling knowing that I’m making a difference. Not just in Isaiah’s life, but for his family, friends, and ultimately our community. But the most rewarding part has been building such a strong friendship with Isaiah,” said November Mentor of the Month, Chris Kreuter, about what has been rewarding about becoming a Big to his Little, Isaiah.

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“During this season of giving, it’s important to remember that the gift of a caring mentor is one that keeps giving over time” said Executive Director William Salcedo, “By becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister to a child or donating toward the cost of creating and supporting a Big-Little match, you can change a child’s life for the better, forever.”

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