Thank You Mentors

BBBSMMC   |   January 31, 2018

National Mentoring Month is a time to highlight the importance of mentorship and the need for more mentors to create a positive impact in our world. It also presents an opportunity to express the profound gratitude that Big Brothers Big Sisters has for our mentors, as well as the great appreciation that our Bigs and Littles have for one another.

As National Mentoring Month comes to an end, may all of us express thanks for those people in our life who provide us with guidance, advice and support, just like these Littles below have!

Little Brother Anthony has been matched with his Big Brother Dennis for over a year now! Anthony and Dennis have built a great friendship based on their mutual love of sports, and Anthony was thrilled to hear about his match anniversary. When asked how he shows his appreciation for his Big, Anthony said: “I’m going to make him something for Christmas, because he’s the best!”


Little Brother Gino has been matched with his Bigs, Stephen and Linda, for just five months now but they have already built a great foundation of friendship. Linda has noted that she can tell they are appreciated by “the Little things” (no pun intended) that Gino does. Gino always shows them his best manners and holds the door for them, but also is never shy about saying thank you! This appreciation goes both ways, however, and Linda and Steve say they appreciate their time with Gino just as much, and they always tell each other how much fun they’re having when they are together. Overall, Gino says he would thank Linda and Steve for being “some of the best people I’ve ever met!”


Sister Jane and Little Sister Khadeija have been matched over a year now, and Khadeija’s mom said Khadeija has had an amazing year, thanks in part to Jane, saying: “Jane is a very special person, and I appreciate that she’s there for Khadeija and talking to her about anything.” Khadeija echoed this, stating: “she’s amazing, she makes things fun, and I’m always learning from her.” Khadeija has thanked Jane for getting her active and outside, and encouraging her to do things outside of her comfort zone. Khadeija also said she makes sure she thanks Jane so that she knows how important their relationship is to her.


Big Brother Andrew and Little Brother Ethan have been matched for nearly two years, and Andrew has emphasized the importance of gratitude during his time with Ethan. Andrew believes that “being thankful, showing gratitude, is a very effective way of making someone feel good for no cost at all.” He makes sure he shows his appreciation for time with Ethan for saying, “thanks for spending time with me.” Ethan said he appreciates that Andrew is always willing to teach him things or talk and about anything, and would thank Andrew “really, for just being there for me.”


Not only has Little Sister Amira thanked Big Sister Loywnda for being her mentor, she has repeatedly thanked her Case Manager for matching her with the perfect Big! Lowynda and Amira, now matched for 8 months, have built a great friendship and love to come to the Kids Club events held by BBBS. Amira believes Lowynda is her twin and appreciates “how awesome she is” and that she can talk to her about anything. Lowynda has said she, too, feels appreciated, as Amira always shows interest in her life and says thank you when they are together.


Appreciation comes in many forms, and throughout the year we do our best to hear about the many ways they are grateful for one another. The simplest things we can do to show our appreciation for one another help create meaningful and lasting relationships. When January ends, National Mentoring Month may end, but gratitude for the special people in your life should be expressed all year long!